Demonstration Class: Beijing Bicycle, with Roberta Seret, Thursday, 2/3, 10-11:30am

Thursday, 2/3, 10-11:30am

A demonstration class serves to model successful teaching and learning practices, in innovative and creative ways and, increasingly with the use of thought-provoking media. Enter Roberta Seret, Founder and President of International Cinema Education. Dr. Seret's organization offers a wide range of highly engaging, multidisciplinary programs, among them, Global Voices for Film, consisting of lectures and screenings of 10+ foreign films shown in partnership with local and regional high school classrooms; post Q & A discussions, with members of the United Nations and Morgan Stanley volunteers; a tour of the United Nations, with private briefings at Foreign Missions; and a workshop on human rights at the Tolerance Center. On Thursday, February 3rd, Dr. Seret will lead a class at Teachers College for junior high school students, ages 12-14 years, from Patchoque, Long Island. The first half an hour will be shown of Beijing Bicycle, a film that questions China's transition into a Super Power, followed by a lesson plan, and Q&A. In this film, the director focuses on two seventeen-year-old boys and their relationship centered on a bicycle, the symbol of China. Both boys are of different social status; they yearn for acceptance within their group and are stubbornly determined to succeed -- with surprising results. Viewers, especially young adults -- wherever they are-- can relate to a stolen bike, and understand the importance of a bicycle for both pleasure and business. Roberta Seret holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature and Master's in French from New York University and has taught literature and writing on the university level for many years. She directs an NGO under the aegis of the Department of Public Information at the United Nations. She is also Director of Professional English at the United Nations, where she teaches English language, literature and business. Roberta Seret has published: Welcome to New York, 5th ed. (1st ed. Harper & Row); Voyage into Creativity: The Modern Kunstlerroman (Peter Lang, 1992); "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words," (Spring, 2004), United Nations Chronicle; "The United Nations as a Global Classroom," (Spring, 2006), United Nations Chronicle; and World Affairs through Foreign Films: Getting the Global Picture (McFarland, October 2011).This in-press book spans Asia, Africa, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and North America, with film synopses; historical background; pre-and post- screening questions; curriculum themes; suggested multidisciplinary activities; extra curricular activities; sidebars, public responses, and information on actors, directors, and awards; and bibliographies of further global study resources/films pertinent to each country covered. Ms. Regina Casale, Longwood JHS Spanish teacher and a current Teachers College doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Studies, is engaged actively in curriculum innovation with a global context. In collaboration with FERA and Long Island Latino Teachers Association, Ms. Casale received a grant from the Kellogg Foundation: America Healing Initiative which funds her Life through My Eyes project transforming students of Saxton JHS into advocates for human rights, using film. These students will also be joining Ms. Seret in March for the screening of Pearl; a Q&A; and a tour of the UN. After the demo class for Beijing Bicycle, Ms. Casale will be joined by Robert Branch, a Dominican-American art educator and videographer from the Bronx. They will conduct a second workshop entitled, Camera Grammar. Robert Branch a long-term participant of the Tim Rollins and K.O.S. (Kids of Survival) art collective. He holds a bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from The Cooper Union and a master's degree in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College, Columbia University. He is a former public school art teacher and currently works for Columbia University. His research interests include, but are not limited to, collaborative social learning spaces and low budget and experimental filmmaking. Open to all, this demonstration class is co-sponsored by the Film and Education Research Academy (FERA), and the Gottesman Libraries. Where: 305 Russell

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