Mash up: Informal Technology Workgroup, Monday, 11/14, 12-1pm

Monday, 11/14, 12-1pm

Mash-up --"a mixture or fusion of disparate elements" Join us for an exciting series of informal, technology centered work groups. We will introduce and explore different kinds of digital technology and media to stimulate teaching, learning, and content creation. Work groups include orientations to current resources, services, and programs -- offering a way for people to network and share ideas and concerns about the many technologies they are using -- at varying levels, throughout different subject areas, and at times, chaotically. On Monday, November 14th a team of experts will join participants interested in knowing more about publishing, online courses, games, media, and grant seeking: The work groups will meet during the lunch hour, 12-1pm on the second Monday of every month. Topics will rotate according to demand. Refreshments served. Where: 305 Russell

Last Updated: 10:30 am, Monday, Oct 10 , 2011