HPSE Lecture: Exploring the Pedagogies of Liberal Education in Diverse, Urban Colleges & Universities, Thursday, 11/3, 3-5pm

Thursday, 11/3, 3-5pm

Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement (MetroCiti) is a pedagogical development and research program created and led by Dr. Anna Neumann, Professor of Higher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Neumann has been joined in this effort by TC doctoral students Milagros Castillo and Liza Bolitzer, both of whom have helped to design and lead activities. Other master's and doctoral students also have contributed to MetroCiti's efforts while learning from their work within it. MetroCiti is comprised of numerous interrelated activities: a regular pedagogical development seminar series for participating teaching fellows, all of whom teach in the liberal education curricula of local colleges and universities; creation of a library of writings pertaining to the pedagogies of liberal education; write-up of an extensive literature review; and most recently, pilot research projects focused on classroom teaching and learning practices. As part of a lecture series on diversity and higher education sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community Initiatives, Gottesman Libraries and the Higher and Postsecondary Education Program, this panel presentation will expand on MetroCiti's aims, activities, and future plans. It will feature presentations by Neumann, Castillo, Bolitzer, and several MetroCiti fellows: Dr. George Sanchez of the College of Staten Island, Dr. Margaret Cuonzo of Long Island University-Brooklyn, and Ms. Susannah Wexler of Hudson County Community College. Anna Neumann is a Professor of Higher Education and the Program Coordinator for Higher and Postsecondary Education Program at Teachers College. Dr. Neumann also serves as the Director of MetroCiti. Her current research focuses on faculty learning and careers, and college teaching and learning at diverse urban institutions. Ms. Milagros Castillo-Montoya is a doctoral candidate and an instructor in the Higher and Postsecondary Education Program at Teachers College. Prior to her studies at TC, Milagros earned a Master of Social Work from Rutgers University where she worked as a senior counselor of an Educational Opportunity Fund Program. Ms. Liza Bolitzer is a doctoral candidate in the Higher and Postsecondary Education Program and also serves as the TA for Curriculum and Instruction and as the higher education program's admissions inquiries coordinator. Prior to entering the Higher Education program, Liza earned an MA degree in English Literature from Brooklyn College where she also English and Composition for five years. George Emilio Sanchez is a Professor and the Chairperson of Performing and Creative Arts, College of Staten Island, City University of New York. He teaches undergraduate courses in the Drama program and graduate courses for the Education Department. Mr Sanchez is also a writer, performer and director. For his work in education, he was awarded the Brooklyn Arts Exchange 2006 Arts Educator Award. He has been a MetroCiti Fellow since the Fall of 2008. Margaret Cuonzo is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University where she also heads the Humanities Division. A philosopher of language, Cuonzo has written on topics related to vagueness, philosophical paradoxes, scientific reasoning, gossip, the philosophical significance of social networks, and virtual entities. She has been a MetroCiti Fellow since the Fall of 2008, and is working on a book on philosophical paradoxes. Susannah Wexler is an English Instructor at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, NJ. She also coordinates the school's upper level English courses. She received her BA in English at Vassar College and MFA in Writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She has been a MetroCiti Fellow since the Fall of 2008. Persons wishing to attend may rsvp the library by Tuesday, November 1st. Where: 305 Russell

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