News Display: McDonald's Opens in the Soviet Union, Tuesday, 1/31

Tuesday, 1/31

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  • McDonald's Opens in the Soviet Union, Tuesday, 1/31
  • January 31, 1990 marks the day when McDonald's opened its first fast food restaurant in the former Soviet Union. A sure symbol of capitalism that forecast the dramatic movement towards independence republics and free market economy, opening day for Macdonald's in Russia was a huge success. Multitudes of people lined the blocks in Moscow to spend their rubles on big Macs, french fries, and milk shakes. Stories will highlight the significance of the McDonald's in Russia within the greater political and cultural context.
  • Robert Frost Reads at Kennedy's Inauguration, Friday, 1/20
  • On January 20, 1961 American poet Robert Frost participated in the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. At the age of 87, he had difficulty reading the new poem he had written for the occasion, and instead recited clearly by heart his old poem, The Gift Outright. Come see the news display featuring the memorable recital of this poem, as well as Kennedy's appreciation of Robert Frost who "knew the midnight, the high noon, and triumph of the human spirit."
  • First Winter Olympics, Wednesday, 1/25
  • Chamonix, France, a small Alpine village that shares the summit of Mount Blanc with Courmayeur, Italy, was the site of the first Winter Olympics that began on January 25, 1924. The winter games, known as "Winter International Sport Week" lasted for 11 days and were held in association with the 1924 summer games in Paris. Competing in eighteen events, sixteen nations were represented. The news display will reveal the stories behind the first Winter Olympics, including that of American ski jumper Anders Haugen, who received his bronze medal 48 years later, due to a scoring error.

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