Socratic Conversation: Do You Have a Professional Credo? Should You? Thursday, 7/12, 4-5pm

Thursday, 7/12, 4-5pm

We’re accustomed to organizations, institutions, and projects having Mission Statements. But in this era where you may have to operate as YOU, Inc., each of us needs an affirmation of our basic values as a professional.
  • What value(s) would you want yours to affirm?
  • How do you give voice to your values?
  • What experiences have you had in standing up for your convictions?
  • What have you had to say NO to?
Please join us to share your opinions, experiences, and reflections. *** Inspired by Socrates' famous conversations with his friends in the marketplace of 5th century Athens, we engage in spirited discussions of ideas and issues. Socratic conversations range broadly and probe deeply into the basic challenges of life. They are informed by the latest literature for reference and follow up. While building a sense of community on campus, these meetings enliven the intellectual atmosphere and model dialogue and discussion as modes of inquiry. These highly-participatory conversations with fellow students are moderated by Ronald Gross, author of Socrates' Way and Co-chair of the University Seminar on Innovation in Education. They are part of a year long series of Socratic Conversations hosted by the Gottesman Libraries (see TC Today, Winter 2010, p. 65). Next session: Thursday, 8/9, Topic: TBA

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