Guest Talk: A Juggler's Tale: Learning in School & Street, with Joshua Weiner, Tuesday, 7/30, 4-5:30pm

Tuesday, 7/30, 4-5:30pm

What can juggling teach us about learning, from an academic perspective, as well as real-life experience? Building skills in coordination, concentration, and self-confidence may be just the beginning-- with applications wider than the physical education curriculum. Juggling as a career on the city streets may reveal a long and isolated life journey, here or abroad, frayed by serious financial and legal challenges. Joshua Weiner began professional performing at the age of six in his hometown New York City. While a student at the Bronx High School of Science, Josh started juggling and went on to pursue his passion as a street performer. He has won several awards for his original juggling ideas and routines. In 2005, he was honored at South Street Seaport Busker's Hall of Fame for his work as performer and organizer from 1992-2005. In 2007 Josh received a $2,500 college scholarship juggling to his own music at the first CCNY Idol talent competition. Josh is a juggler, pianist, rope dancer, and unicyclist who has performed at major international venues, including the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland. He has been featured in The New York Times, Villager,, and other sources. Josh earned his M.A. in Mathematics Education in 2012 at Teachers College, Columbia University; B.A. in Mathematics in 2007 at City College of New York; and B.A. in Jewish Studies, also in 2007, at City College of New York. See Josh's "qualified juggling", with video proof: 7 Balls, 8 Rings, 5 Clubs; and "flash" juggling levels, with video proof: 8 Balls, 8 Rings & Balance, 6 Clubs. Earlier successes include qualified juggling of 8 balls (many successes over the years) and a flash 9 Rings (July 8th, 2002). Technical Note: A "qualified" juggle is to throw and catch TWICE the number of objects attempted. A "flash" of a juggling level is to throw and catch the SAME number of objects juggled. -- Persons interested in attending this presentation are encouraged to rsvp by Friday, July 26th. Where: 305 Russell

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