Student Initiated Learning Theater Events Grant – Proposals Due May 1, 2019
The library is pleased to announce the second annual grant for support of student initiated events in the Smith Learning Theater. Student events may focus on rese…
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Live Music: Melissa Shetler, Tuesday, 4/23, 6-7pm
Jazz vocalist Melissa Shetler grew up immersed in music. “She has a really unique sound. A little swinger!” says Sheila Jordan. As the child of two working musicians, she was exposed…
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Workshop: Empower Hour: IRB Proposal Review: Part II, Tuesday, 4/23, 3-4pm
Want direct feedback on your IRB application? Have IRB questions that only a Research Compliance Manager can answer? Need guidance on how to work through an challenging IRB applic…
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Book Talk: Anatomy the Voice, with Ted Dimon, Monday, 3/22, 4-5:30pm
Please join Dr. Theodore Dimon, Director and Founder of The Dimon Instiute, for a discussion of his recently published book,
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Exhibit: From Negative to Positive, by Carolina Cambronero-Valera, starting Friday, 4/19
From Negative to Positive focuses on motherhouse of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph (CSJ) in Brentwood, New York, which was originated in 1646 in Le Puy, France. This property, a six…
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Workshop: Postural Movement Therapy, with Joey Zimet, Thursday, 4/18, 3-4:30pm
What is optimal posture? How is it developed and subsequently lost? What can you do to regain natural your natural alignment to feel and function as optimally as possible? Let’s explore a model of posture in whic…
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Live Music: Laura Head, Tuesday, 4/16, 6-7pm
Laura Head is a solo musician better known under the stage name charade. A classical pianist since childhood, she currently writes for piano, ukelele, and guitar. She frequently plays live in Manhattan and Brooklyn, a…
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Guest Talk: Fantasy and Reality in Visual Media, with Benjamin Mensah, Joanna Arcieri & Kidest Fikremariam, Monday, 4/15, 6-7:30pm
Please join us for panel discussion on Fantasy and Reality in Visual Media.Benjamin Mensah’s topic is “
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Book Display: Teaching About Species, starting 4/15
Is it true that we care mostly about giant, often tropical or subtropical animals when thinking about endangered species and conservation? There's the Amur Leopard, Black Rhino, Hawksbill Turtle, South China Tiger, Su…
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Live Music: The N Train, Wednesday, 4/10, 3-4pm
Nesly Kohen is a Turkish/Spanish Singer-Songrwriter who e…
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