Workshop: New Year, New Plant, Monday, 2/4, 2:30-5:30pm
It's Chinese New Year's Eve and time to plant and paint! Pots, soil, succulents, acrylic paints, and brushes are available for students to enjoy and exercise their creative talents as we begin the new year and the sta…
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Highlighted Databases: Nutrition Education
Did you know that Mary Swartz Rose, Professor of Household Arts from 1910 to 1923 and Professor of Nutritio…
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Book Display: The Patriarchy: Past and Present, starting mid-January
The Patriarchy refers to a family, group, community, society, social organization, or government where men predominate in positions of power. Supremacy of the male traces back to the Old Testament with leading figures…
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Video Exhibit: Teachers College, Columbia University (Unleashing), Tuesday, 1/22 - Friday, 1/25
This 25-minute video piece by Chelsea Knight, titled Teachers College, Columbia University, is comprised of interviews with employees of the College. The participants, speaking widely about their work and liv…
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January-February Staff Picks: Artists’ Books: Dimensional Stories
"As the model of the Library continues to evolve from a collection of printed material into that of a learning environment, patrons are becoming interested in utilizing the Library as a creative space, or a sort of “t…
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Workshop: Warm Boots for Spring, Tuesday, 1/29, 3-4pm
In this workshop we will review essential research tools and strategies for finding and navigating the scholarly literature in your area of interest. Please come with your topic, questions, and device so that you can …
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Live Music: Shane Bordeau & Ray Patton, Wednesday, 1/23, 5:30-6-30pm
Shane Bordeau, guitarist, received his EdM and MA degrees in the music department at Teachers College and has been teaching and performing music for the past 15 years. He has been involved with many performing groups,…
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Library Tours, starting Wednesday, 1/23
Get acquainted with the Gottesman Libraries and learn about valuable resources, services, and recent developments! We welcome Spring students, new and returning as we settle into the new semester.Lib…
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Highlighted Databases: Educational Change
We feature research resources that cover the literature of educational change, including focus, as we support current initiatives and development of the College and Library.
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