July-August Staff Picks: Foods of Summer
"Growing up in the Central Valley of California with family farmers, there was never a shortage of fresh summer fruits and vegetables. My memories of golden, dusty summer days at my grandmother’s farmhouse are filled …
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Highlighted Databases: Social Wellness
Healthy relationships and a strong social network are important to our well-being, whether we are at work, at home, or somewhere else, virtually or face-to-face. In anticipation of the return to campus by members of o…
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New Acquisition: R2 Digital Library
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Extending Semester Loans
We are pleased to announce that the loan period for books borrowed until May 28th, 2021 has been extended. The new semester loan due date for current, eligible members is Friday, October 1st, 2021. This modified due d…
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June Staff Picks: School Librarian Perspectives: Advocacy
"A place for books and a haven for quiet study. A bustling makerspace where creative minds soar. A basecamp for Internet travelers, article seekers, gamers, crafters, fledgling and expert readers alike. A home for rig…
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Featured Databases: Biodiversity: Life's Library
In June we highlight databases that provide insight into the literature of biodiversity, the joining of different living species and forms of life, including animals, plants, and insects, in a single ecosystem or habi…
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Highlighted Databases: Resources for Alumni
In May we feature databases available to all Teachers College alumni, allowing free continuation of your research journey, with pursuit of lifelong learning. A full listing of databases is accessible via the
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