New Due Dates
Please note that books previously due in early October have been automatically renewed until February 18th, 2022 for current members, and barring maximum loan periods of six months, including renewals. Books otherwise…
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Paging Services, Starting 9/7
Due to ongoing construction of the Russell rooftop, please be advised that the Fifth Floor stacks are temporarily closed. Printed books with call number ranges starting AC1 through HQ783.J may be requested via
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Call for Musicians
The Gottesman Libraries hosts musical performances by Teachers College students who wish to play. From folk guitar to pipa, we welcome a variety of styles and genres using classical and acoust…
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The Cat Is Out of the Bag!
Dear Patrons,Today we go live!
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School's In Session: Educat+
We draw attention to Educat+
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Highlighted Databases: Nutrition Education
Mary Swartz Rose, Professor of Household Arts fr…
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Important: Moving to Alma & Primo VE!
We are pleased to announce the Library’s significant migration to new Exlibris software:
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