Book Display: Strength in Cities: Lessons From the Urban Landscape
The urban landscape changes when unintended events occur, due to weather, disease, disaster, terrorism, or other happenings. As a result of the environment in which it finds itself, a city adapts and transforms -- oft…
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Highlighted Databases: Urban Education
New York City remains the largest public school system in the country, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago. In October we highlight research resources that shed light on urban education and all the critical issues fac…
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October News: Education Program
The Gottesman Libraries Education Program informs students,…
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Announcing New T&F Education Collection
We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of 220 new education journals published by Taylor and Francis as part of its Education Collection of scholarly, peer-reviewed literature, with many articles contribute…
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Phased Reopening: Important Annoucement
The Gottesman Libraries is implementing a phased reopening plan, with most resources and services remaining online through the Fall. Our goal is to bring back high-impact services and occupancy in a safe, gradual way …
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Staff Picks: Education and Race
"America has a social mobility problem. The Supreme Court declared racial segregation to be unconstitutional. With this declaration it was assumed that…
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Everett Cafe: Remote Learning: Shifting to the New Normal
With the prevalence of distance education in today's pandemic world, 
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New Service: Digital Delivery
To strengthen remote library services and in anticipation of the need to provide access to printed resources, we are pleased to announce
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Announcing Paging and Pick Up
The Gottesman Libraries is pleased to announce Paging and Pick Up to facilitate access to print collections …
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