Rhizr is a collection of learning opportunities linked together to support serendipitous discovery. It borrows from the metaphor of a rhizome, a structure of roots and nodes that grow nonhierarchically and randomly beneath a plant. It presents multimedia content in a 4-column, card-based structure, and can be "played through" as a series of "node" views.

Rhizr is free to use. We are committed to contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of learning, and we believe that means supporting ambitious teaching and learning through the development of engaging learning apps and services. If you have feedback or suggestions about your experience with Rhizr, let us know! That’s how we make sure Rhizr is hitting the mark.

Rhizr is one of the applications on our EdLab Account service. Your EdLab Account is independent of your Teachers College identity, so you can take Rhizr with you into any learning community and invite others to sign up.

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