Databases by Department

This is a listing of databases of particular relevance for research at Teachers College. The databases are organized by department and correlate with the disciplines represented by the College’s departments and programs. These databases for the most part cover the periodical literature in their respective fields, but some also provide citations and abstracts for books, book chapters, papers, reports, dissertations, and curriculum materials, as well as statistical and directory information, and some are collections of non-print materials of various kinds.

There are several key databases that are critical for searching the literature in essentially all subject fields at the College; these include ERIC, Education Full Text, PsycINFO, ProQuest, Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, and Digital Dissertations. These resources in general are not included in the listing By Department, but they are essential for serious study in all included fields.

Arts and Humanities (see all)

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL)

Blackwell Reference Online (see research handbooks and companions in Art, Geography, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, and other subject areas)

Classical Music Library

Primary Documents in American History

Biobehavioral Sciences (see all)

Annual Reviews (see series for Medicine, Neuroscience, Physiology)

BioMed Central


Counseling and Clinical Psychology (see all)


Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives, and Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Adult Development

Family Studies Abstracts

Curriculum and Teaching (see all)

Early Childhood Education Research: Issues in Methodology and Ethics

Kraus Curriculum Development Library Online

Lenses on Reading: An Introduction to Theories and Models

Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature

Education Policy and Social Analysis (see all)


Handbook of the Sociology of Education 

International Handbook of Educational Policy 

PAIS Index    


Health and Behavior Studies (see all)

Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health (2nd Edition)

Health Reference Center Academic

Historical Encyclopedia of School Psychology

MedlinePlus Health Statistics

Human Development (see all)

Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science

Encyclopedia of Human Development

Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science

SAGE Sociology Full-Text Collection

International and Transcultural Studies (see all)


Europa World Plus

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)

OECD iLibrary

Mathematics, Science, and Technology (see all)

AccessScience (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology Online)

EdITLib Education & Information Technology Library

Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities and Technologies

Handbook of Research Design in Mathematics and Science Education

Organization and Leadership (see all)

Ebrary (searchable, under All Subjects, by Law, Political Science, Social Science, etc., and various sub-topics, and by author, title, and other criteria)

Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Encyclopedia of Nursing Research (2nd Edition)

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts