Digital Delivery

As courtesy to current members, the Gottesman Libraries offers a free scanning service to expeditiously provide library users with requested materials for personal use.

Requests for scanned materials may be placed via the library materials’ form and will be reviewed for onsite scanning. Scanned materials include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that recognizes English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish text.

Requests may not exceed more than one per day from a current member.

We will scan a small portion of an overall work, including endnotes and bibliography. Repeated requests for the same chapter, or selections from the same book, will be subject to review. 

Other documents may include the table of contents, index of a scholarly monograph, or a textbook chapter. Requests for additional materials or exceptional cases will be subject to review by library staff and/or College Counsel in compliance with copyright and fair usage, to which the requestor will be asked to attest when submitting the form.

Please note that we will not scan “consumables”, works meant to be used once, like workbooks, test booklets, exercises, etc. 

Requests will be fulfilled in the order received, with an approximate turn-around time of 3 days, depending on volume.

You may contact us with questions or concerns via online support or chat messaging.