Room Reservation Guidelines

The Room Reservation System

The primary purpose of the Gottesman Libraries facilities is to provide study space and workspace for members of the Teachers College community. The goal of the library room reservation system is to maximize the use of library facilities while maintaining a high-quality environment for study, collaboration, research, and education.

All room reservations are handled online through the Room Reservation System. The system searches all available rooms to determine the best match for the needs described in an attempt to maximize the use of library facilities. The system automatically assigns priorities based on the identity of the requestor, with preference given to students and faculty for academic purposes. The system utilizes a dynamic scheduling window to adapt to individual circumstances and requirements in order to maximize the availability of rooms to the community.

General Reservation Guidelines

  • Rooms can be reserved up to 4 months (120 days) in advance
  • Patrons can hold 2 active reservations at a time 
  • Reservations have a 3-hour time limit
  • Rooms are open to all when not reserved; however, users with a valid reservation are given priority
  • Reservations can only be made by current TC students, faculty, and staff
  • Rooms can be reserved for up to 8 people
  • Our larger rooms and classrooms are available for special events. See the "Reservations for Special Events" section below for details

Reservations for Academic Purposes

The room reservation system automatically makes rooms available for booking on a shifting calendar basis. The library does not accept room reservations beyond the room booking period indicated in the system in an effort to maintain room availability for students and faculty throughout the year. Students and faculty needing reservations beyond the allowed period are advised to reserve rooms elsewhere in the College through the College Office of Room Assignments.

Reservations for Administrative Purposes

Rooms become available for administrative purposes when they are not occupied for academic purposes. The library welcomes administrative use of library rooms, but the academic needs of students and faculty receive priority. Administrators unable to find an available room through the online room booking system are advised to book rooms elsewhere in the College through the College Office of Room Assignments.

Reservations for Courses

Faculty should have their course assigned a regular College location outside the library by the College Office of Room Assignments. In the case of a special session where a library room is the preferred space, faculty should submit a special event request. Please see year-round priority deadline schedule for special room requests below.

Reservations for Dissertation Hearings

Students should work through the College Office of Room Assignments to schedule a room outside the library. Closer to the date of the hearing, students may elect to schedule a library room using the online room reservation system. Please see the schedule for special room requests below.

Reservations for Special Events

Although special events are welcome in the library facilities, special events scheduled within Russell Hall must be planned to minimize disruption and inconvenience for student and faculty users of the library. Members of the Teachers College community may request to hold a special event in the library by completing the special event application. The library is seldom able to accommodate a request for a special event during peak demand times such as late afternoons and evenings in the middle of the week.

Special requests made via the special event application are due by August 10 for the fall semester, December 10 for the spring semester, and April 10 for the summer terms. Faculty will be notified at least one week prior to the beginning of the semester if the library is able to host their course. After those dates, special requests are handled on a rolling basis.

For additional information, please contact us.