September 2020 Staff Picks

    America has a social mobility problem. The Supreme Court declared racial segregation to be unconstitutional. With this declaration, it was assumed that integration and racial equity could finally be achieved and that education could, in fact, be the great equalizer in America. In actuality, this is what arose: nearly every path of social mobility, including education, work opportunities, and government spending, is tilted still toward a wealthy, mostly White elite group of people. The importance placed on education to better one's social standing has been indoctrinated into the American people's mindset; however if the quality of education is not the same, how are equality and mobility to occur when minorities are disadvantaged from the start?

    Education for minority students has become the main consideration in terms of curriculums, school districts, and educational settings. New measures are constantly being tested to meet the educational needs of students. However, a majority of students entering the teaching profession are white and female, thus complicating this objective. Factor in the segregation of school districts and drastic funding differences. African Americans and other minorities are fighting a decades-long uphill battle.

    This curated collection of titles focuses on education and race as a whole. Works vary, from a mother expressing her fears for her two black sons growing up in a world that has stereotyped them from birth to inquiries into the dangers of outcome-based funding, through to the role educators play in providing the tools for minorities to be on an equal educational footing with their white counterparts. Selections also include personal stories and essays of those who lived through the struggle, and hope to educate others about not facing the same hardships. The books in this collection and their themes are especially important in today’s society, where African Americans and minorities’ voices are finally being heard, not only with regard to injustices and inequality in education but also in the workplace and various facets of life.

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