Our Services

The Gottesman Libraries offers a wide array of services to support self-directed learning, teaching, and research at Teachers College Columbia University. Librarians can help you find research, materials for your course work, or other College resources. Visit us on at the services desk on the first floor of the library, or send us a support ticket.

Events, exhibitions, and tools offer the TC community diverse ways to engage with educational experts and resources, and also provide an understanding of work being done throughout the College. Learn more about upcoming events in our newsfeed. For further information, or to plan or participate in an event in coordination with the Gottesman Libraries, please send us a support ticket.


Talks by faculty, students, staff, and guests celebrate achievements in publishing, as they promote social and intellectual discourse on key topics of relevance to the educating, psychological, and health professions. Talks by leaders in the broad field of education enhance academic programs and innovative opportunities with offices and centers of the College. Talks about educational media, including special documentary series, stimulate exploration of educational topics and raise awareness of social issues.


The Kasser Exhibition Space (First Floor), Learning Exhibitions (Second Floor), and Offit Family Gallery (Third Floor) showcase educational exhibitions mounted in partnership with the Teachers College community and others with an interest in displaying unique and innovative educational materials. Teachers College's Historical Art Collections (see below) are also displayed throughout the library. To propose an exhibition in coordination with the Gottesman Libraries, please see our Exhibit FAQ..


We host sessions on grant writing, presentation skills, and educational technology, as well as library tours and orientations for academic departments. Research resources are also featured each month in support of the academic programs of the College.

Library Blog

Library staff members contribute to a Library Blog as part of their work to support the TC community. Some key types of blog posts include:

Musical Performances

Musicians, from solos to quintets, host weekly events in the Everett Cafe and Kasser Exhibition Space to recognize and nurture talent within the Teachers College community.

News Displays

Daily headlines on a wide range of educational topics, in addition to daily headlines from around the world, are posted in the Everett Cafe to draw interest in current events and strengthen classroom teaching and learning. We use newseum.org as our source, which offers the front pages of over 400 newspapers.