Cafe Book Display: Strength In Cities

 Interchanging Urban City Landscapes in New York,London, Beijing, Mexico City.
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The urban landscape changes when unintended events occur, due to weather, disease, disaster, terrorism, or other happenings. As a result of the environment in which it finds itself, a city adapts and transforms, often leading to welcome, safe, and positive change for its inhabitants. Boulders in parks, more bike lanes, roof gardens, rooftop generators, community gardens, and increased outdoor dining (the latest a consequence of global pandemic) are examples of urban adaptations that create healthier lifestyles and serve to bring people closer together.

Our next Cafe display focuses on cities as a model for resilience, from how they learn to what they can teach us.

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* Dining Silhouette from ClipArtKey, Child on Slide PNG Tree, Fence, Gate HiClipArt, Person on Bike PNG Seek PNG, and Bird's Nest Stadium by Kenneth Appiah from The Noun Project