Archival Services

Archival Services

Purpose of the Archives

The primary goals of the Teachers College archives are:

  • To build and preserve College records and information of current research and permanent historical value
  • To provide enhanced digital access to unique institutional resources
  • To engage the TC community in the discussion and production of scholarly work
  • To serve as an educational resource encouraging administrative and scholarly research in its collections



PocketKnowledge is the digital repository for the historical records of Teachers College and for publications or works in all formats by institutional members, including faculty, students, and staff. It is a community-driven system allowing TC authors and library staff flexibility in building resources and determining access to documents. Searchable by main entry (author, title, keyword), PocketKnowledge is also a public forum for communicating about posted documents, allowing users to comment on the materials stored within. Information on access:

  • Teachers College researchers may gain access to all items associated with the library's collections by logging in with their UNI.
  • Researchers not affiliated with Teachers College who would like access to restricted-access PocketKnowledge materials must complete the Gottesman Libraries' Application for Digital Access. Applications are reviewed and handled in the order in which they are received. All requests will be fulfilled electronically.

The archives of Teachers College are being converted to digital form to promote preservation and access. The large volume of material requires a multi-year effort involving considerable staff attention and resources. Researchers are advised to begin their work with the archives by searching for relevant materials through the PocketKnowledge search. Materials not yet in digital form will become available as the project progresses.


Library Assistance

The library provides consultation and instructional offerings, including hands-on demonstrations of PocketKnowledge for students, faculty, and staff. Library staff accept queries about the archives via a support ticket or in person at the Library Services Desk. 

The library provides Teachers College members with the equipment and technical support necessary to digitally create or duplicate their writing and research materials. Students, faculty, and staff can convert their authored material into more usable and accessible forms, including its permanent storage in PocketKnowledge.

Patrons who visit the library can digitize materials at a self-service scanner, with auto-feed and flatbed options. Library staff members are available for assistance with questions concerning the production of digital material, creation and management of PocketKnowledge accounts, and other related needs. Scanners are available on a walk-in basis. Faculty may opt to work with staff on longer-range projects to strengthen the institutional repository.



The library maintains the digital archives to ensure bibliographic access according to professional standards, including: 1) multiple points of access or links between PocketKnowledge, the library catalog and the library website; and 2) adaptation of pre-existing / existing schemes to improve organization and access.


Ongoing Development

The library improves and enhances the quality of the digital materials in PocketKnowledge and ensures that items are in formats that are readily accessible. The library also conducts usability studies and data analyses to improve the digital archive environment.


Conditions of Acceptance

Submissions to the archives must be in electronic form. Teachers College members determine which documents are to be uploaded into Pocket Knowledge, as well as who may have access to them. Examples of materials appropriate for inclusion include:

  • Faculty work (such as unpublished papers, lectures, curriculum, syllabi)
  • Student work (such as dissertations, theses, other publications)
  • Administrative documents and important communiqué showing changes and developments in administrative, academic, and institutional programs
  • Multimedia resources reflecting key academic and research initiatives and activities of the institution and its members
  • Photographs and memorabilia of Teachers College members
  • Links to websites of interest to the community, MP3s, videos, and commentary on user materials.


Conditions Governing Retention

Documents posted in PocketKnowledge remain in the archive until the author or uploader deletes them. The Library routinely may delete items that are extraneous or otherwise unsuitable for retention.

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