Stack Guide

Stack Guide

Books (1950 - Present)

AC 1 - BX 9999AC 1 - BX 9999 5th Floor Stacks - Loft
C1 - HQ 783.J 5th Floor Stacks - Main
HQ 783.K - LA 1841.G 4th Floor Stacks - Loft
LA 1841.H - LB 2334.T 4th Floor Stacks - Main
LB 2334.U - MT3.U5C75 3rd Floor Stacks - Loft
MT3.U5C76 - QP 360.Z 3rd Floor Stacks - Main
QP 360.5A - ZA 5075 2nd Floor Stacks - Loft
Oversize Materials, A - Z 2nd Floor Stacks - Main


Recent Publications

Dissertations 3rd Floor Reading Room
New Faculty Publications 3rd Floor Reading Room
New TC Press Books 3rd Floor Reading Room
TC Research Reports 3rd Floor Reading Room


Children's Fiction (JUV) from 1990   -  2nd Floor Reading Room


Curriculum Materials (CURR) from 1990  -  2nd Floor Reading Room


Course Reserves, Holds - 1st Floor Service Desk


Popular Reading (books, magazines, news) - Everett Cafe


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