Stack Guide

Stack Guide

Books (1950 - Present)

AC 1 - BX 9999AC 1 - BX 9999 5th Floor Stacks - Loft
C1 - HQ 783.J 5th Floor Stacks - Main
HQ 783.K - LA 1841.G 4th Floor Stacks - Loft
LA 1841.H - LB 2334.T 4th Floor Stacks - Main
LB 2334.U - MT3.U5C75 3rd Floor Stacks - Loft
MT3.U5C76 - QP 360.Z 3rd Floor Stacks - Main
QP 360.5A - ZA 5075 2nd Floor Stacks - Loft
Oversize Materials, A - Z 2nd Floor Stacks - Main


Additional Publications

Dissertations 3rd Floor Reading Room
New Faculty Publications 3rd Floor Reading Room
New TC Press Books 3rd Floor Reading Room
TC Research Reports Main Stacks & TC ANA


Children's Fiction (JUV) current 30 years   -  2nd Floor Reading Room


Curriculum Materials (CURR) from 1990  -  2nd Floor Reading Room


Course Reserves, Holds - 1st Floor Service Desk


Popular Reading (books, magazines, news) - Everett Cafe


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